Kennel Club Family

Kennel Club Family
13th February 1930: A merry party of prize winning Sealyham Terriers from the Eastfield Kennels at Bristol , seen here at Crufts Dog Show. (Photo by Veale/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

Introduction: Of Dogs and Men

Man’s best friend, from time immemorial and up to these days. Throughout many centuries, dogs, our faithful companions and close friends, walk by our side. Proud dog owners know their pets for being extremely smart and devoted creatures whose intelligence makes it possible to educate and train them with relative ease.

Of dog breeds and pedigrees

To date, several hundred known dog breeds are grouped into various species and subspecies, such as service dogs, hunting dogs, watch dogs, etc. Each dog breed is characterized by a particular set of skills which kept developing through centuries of the dog’s life by the human side. This is the very reason why it’s so critical to preserve and improve the purity of our best friends. Not only is a pure breed dog a gracious and faithful being, but also a devoted companion you can rely on in practically any situation.

A dog with impeccable pedigree has a number of advantages, such as:

  • A pure breed dog is more predictable and doesn’t have that cutting-edge attitude endemic to its wild sibling. Same goes for its size – you can pick and choose literally any pure-breed (upon your election) without worrying that someday it’ll turn into a hulking monster.
  • Be it a skilled shepherd dog or goofy St. Bernard you are searching for to please your kiddies with – pure breed is your best choice.
  • Looking for a sweet pocket pet that won’t turn into scheming, skulking trouble? Pure breed is the answer

Origins and roots of AKC: Days past and days present

Irrespective of your personal status, be it an experienced and World-weary dog breeder or an excited enthusiast looking for the next big thing in your life, our friendly and experienced Kennel Club staff will help you out!

Now, what is Kennel Club? Let’s take a short trip to the XIX century to find the answer.

Kennel Club was originally founded in 1873 by Mr. Sewallis Shirley, who grew extremely frustrated over his inability to run a proper dog show due to the existing inconsistencies. It was decided in the very first meeting of the Kennel Club to create a Stud Book and establish an appropriate Code to regulate all dog shows.

American Kennel Club strives to engage best dog specialists and actively cooperates with various US dog clubs

Now, Kennel Club is a worldwide network that encompasses both amateur dog breeders and sophisticated professionals. Dog shows and competitions held under the umbrella of Kennel Club bring out the best in your pet under the watchful eye of our professionals.

American Kennel Club (AKC) is believed to be the most prominent non-commercial organization that maintains purebred dog pedigree registry. It is a highly reputable company with world-wide fame.

Among the wide range of AKC’s tasks are dog registry, genealogy tracking (i.e. dog’s pedigree, lineage), financial support for various researches aimed at preserving pure breeds, recognition and registration of new breeds of dogs. At the same time AKC undertakes a number of measures to support pure breed dog owners, expert dog breeders, organizers of and attendees to AKC competition events – AKC Pedigree being one of them. This document displays the lineage of an AKC dog and vital data about ancestors in a dog’s family tree. Be it an important AKC competition event or an owner’s sheer curiosity, AKC Pedigree comes to the rescue!

American Kennel Club strives to engage best dog specialists and actively cooperates with various US dog clubs. Regular interaction among AKC and dog clubs, and organization of dog shows and competition events at the official level, contributes to the ever-growing number of stakeholders concerned with preserving a pure line of premium dog breeds.


To date, American Kennel Club encompasses around 500 kennel clubs that handle dog registries, schedule and deliver dog shows, and keep an eye on the ever changing requirements for dog breeds.

The AKC puts special emphasis on breed standards – a list of parameters and key criteria that help to identify a dog’s blood line. These standards are being actively used by expert dog breeders and are published in the Complete Dog Book, published with the help of the AKC.

Pros and cons about keeping it professional

Speaking of Kennel Clubs in general, we can’t avoid the topic of dog shows. So why do we need the dog shows, anyway? Remember that a promising puppy with good pedigree is a rare thing to come by. By choosing such a pup, your chances of grooming a show-dog literally skyrocket! Some say that boasting is bad, but, hell, ain’t it good to say that your dog has won a dog show or two?! Fame aside, it’s profitable (to say the very least) to bag the prize at a major dog show! Don’t forget that by selecting a pup from a promising breed, his would-be owner has to visualize a string of upcoming dog shows. A man who buys a pup without such a goal throws his money to the wind and shuts the door to fame!

Almost all Kennel Clubs are interested in seeing prize dogs at their events

Now then, dog shows present an excellent opportunity for the prize dog-owner to talk to the like-minded. A dog show is a perfect place to make new friends and to bring the topic of prize pups even further! Needless to say, a show dog has to work intensively with his or her owner. A dog show presents a perfect opportunity for your dog to blend into a wonderful world of commotion, vivid colors, new emotions, and other dogs. The importance of such events can hardly be underestimated. Your pet is in the middle of an exciting adventure with the beautiful payoff looming somewhere far ahead.

Now if this isnt the meaning of life!

Almost all Kennel Clubs are interested in seeing prize dogs at their events. This is a matter of money, fame, and scouting! Dog scouts are always on the lookout for new dogs from rival dog clubs that also get invited to the dog shows.

By participating in the dog shows, you’ll also be able to learn about dogs by watching them and analyzing expert opinions. If you get to know the strong and weak sides of your pet, this will help you with finding the best match, and soon enough the best puppies!

Regular participation in dog shows is the best advertisement for your dog, as such events are frequented by serious people looking for and booking a potential breeding male.

And, finally, a dog show is a sports of sorts, drenched in the sweetest feelings you can experience: a sense of belonging, vibe of the victory, and the sweet bitterness of defeat that teaches you to persevere and walk on through the storm with your head up.



If you wish to participate in the dog show, be ready to collect some documents. At the initial stage, you’ll be asked to provide a vet passport showing vaccination reports, rabies vaccine being first and foremost among the rest. Additional information about vaccination reports as well as in-depth consultation may be obtained from your local Kennel Clubs.

Another important aspect is your pup’s pet passport. As a rule of thumb, you get this doc with the newly-purchased pup on a number of occasions; however, said document is missing and that’s when your local Kennel Club “enters the fray” with its experienced experts doing their best to trace your dog’s ancestry back to its forefathers and to have it officially certified. A certificate you are going to receive shall have the following information: your loved pup’s gender, DOB, brand No., full name, nickname, and titles that your pup’s parents earned. Once your dog turns 15 months old, the certificate may be replaced by a full-fledged Pedigree certificate.

Now that you have collected all the required documents, it comes the time to sign up for the dog show. Note that they won’t let you participate unless all of the documents are duly formatted and handed in in a timely manner.

Bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is everywhere… Hey, there’s always a way out friend! Join one of the dog clubs and make sure your pet is under the vigilant eyes of dog experts! Besides, it’s a golden opportunity to stay updated on the events to come!

If you have a hunting or watch dog and want to get the most out of your dog’s dormant skills, a canine (or dog, if you will) team is your best bet. You’ll be advised of the training methods and told how to bring out the best qualities from your doggy.

How to train your dog

Training is an important aspect by itself, with the majority of clubs channeling their efforts this way. Currently, a number of dog training companies offer different training programs for your pet friend, such as watch dog, service dog, hunting dog, and guard dogs. You name it. Aside from that, dog training companies offer such services as static correction, training and re-training for pups, social adaptation, etc. Many dog clubs offer individual and group trainings, field trips, and teach dogs how to protect their territory.

It should be noted that only qualified trainers with rich experience under their belts are allowed to train your pet, and they work wonders, believe me! A training ground is equipped with state of the art equipment that meets international standards. The end of drills and training sessions is marked by certification, which allows your dog to participate in dog competitions.


To sum up all things said and written, it should be said that if you are to take things seriously and train your pup like a pro, Kennel Club is your best option!

Remember, your dog is your faithful friend that needs your love, care, and attention. If you are willing to go the extra mile and create favorable conditions for your friend, go ahead and remember to join the Kennel Club.

People make pets but sometimes pets make people!

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