What do we need the dog shows for?

What do we need the dog shows for?

Only the best dogs would participate in the hunting. As a rule of thumb, dogs picked for hunting are characterized by good physical shape, solid hunting record, impeccable reputation and great pedigree. Note that these dogs cost a fortune and are a true pride of their owner.

These very people were the ones behind Westminster Kennel Club, the world’s most famous dog show and a dream for many a dog breeder.Hundreds of dog shows being held worldwide on a regular basis fall under two basic categories: professional and amateur dog shows.

Another important mission of modern dog shows is to preserve and refine pure breeds

Let’s talk about the former. Why are official dog shows being held? Naturally enough, the main goal of such events is to bring out the best qualities in our best friends, as well as to identify the best dog in a never-ending quest for excellence.

Another important mission of modern dog shows is to preserve and refine pure breeds. As only the dog that meets stringent rules and regulations shall be picked by the strict jury, it’s highly possible that its breed shall inherit only the best qualities and contribute to improving and building the pure line.

Apart from that, major dog shows bring out new dog breeds likely to become irreplaceable in everyday life. In particular this relates to so-called companion dogs made for living within families as a perfect choice for any settled community!

Yet another important factor behind official dog shows and competitions is to check and embellish on “service dog” qualities. Representatives of this sub-group of species serve in the army, police, rescue services and other important state and public organizations. Sometimes the very life and safety of ordinary people rests on these brave creatures.

Main goals and objectives of modern Dog Shows

Can be subdivided into the following clusters:

Give the animal lovers a new opportunity to get to know the dogs better

Promote different dog breeds and dog breeding in general

Identify the best dogs of one breed and prospective breeders for future breeding

Learn best practices and share experience between your fellow dog owners

Hold various competitions to identify the best dog and to encourage dog owners

Learn about the latest achievements in animal science, veterinary science and zoo industry

Establish knowledge pool for dog owners

Things to know

Participation in the dog shows is a time-consuming process that requires proper preparation, which shall commence once you collect all required papers, namely:

  • Certificate of birth: Note that a copy of a pup card will do for pups and junior dogs.
  • Dog’s medical record containing all vaccination data: Be sure to make some of those vaccines well in advance, namely the rabies vaccine, which is to be administered two months before the dog show.
  • Champion’s class”: You’ll have to provide confirmation (a copy of certificate or diploma) from any country member to FCI, the largest canine organization in the world.

It’s also important to get your pet ready for the dog show, which is broken down into the following:

1. An expert shall first examine and describe your dog in a stance. Make sure your dog holds its back straight, its tail is relaxed, its front legs are perpendicular to the floor, its hind legs aren’t beneath the body and the dog doesn’t hunch. Hold your dog for two to three minutes, while the judge checks the dog’s teeth and bite.

2. You have to jog with your dog in such a fashion so as to accentuate the dog’s free movement. Jog at a medium speed; keep the dog’s lead loose. Move with your dog in the directions specified in applicable regulations.

If you believe all these exercises are too much for you to handle, a professional dog handler is your best bet!


Dog shows and their ranking

All modern dog shows have the following international ranking:

1. Only those dog breeds that have been recognized by FCI are allowed to participate in CACIB international dog shows.
2. CAC ranked breeds recognized by FCI are eligible to participate in Russia-wide and regional dog shows.
3. Monobreed dog shows held by National Breed Club.
Dog shows are generally held for the following dog classes:
1. Baby – 3 to 6 months
2. Puppy – 6 to 9 months
3. Junior – 9 to 18 months
4. Intermediate – 15 to 24 months
5. Open – 15 months
6. Working – 15 months and older for dogs with a working diploma
7. Champion – 15 months and older for FCI member state national champions
8. Veteran – 8 years and older
9. In case of monobreed dog shows: Winners – 15 months and on

What do you get from participating in the dog show?

Speaking of benefits for a dog owner, it should be noted that dog shows are frequented by qualified experts to make friends and other ties. Aside from that, a dog show is the very place to identify the most prospective breeder.

If you are a dog owner, a dog show is your destination

Besides, dog shows are a great place to learn new dog breeds, buy associated resources (books, video materials, etc.), and consult experts. People come to dog shows to learn more about a dog they plan to purchase any time in the future, see various contests, and develop a passion for these wondrous creatures. If you are a dog owner, a dog show is your destination.

If you have a high-bred pup with a perfect pedigree, it’s more than important to bring him to the competition so as to show the outcomes of breeding. It’s highly desirable to take your dog to the dog shows as often as possible to keep your and your dog’s reputation in standing.

Should your pet bag first place, you’ll be finding yourself among the cream of the crop – elite dog breeders and becoming a member to it.

To sum it all up – it’s more than important to participate. Perhaps even more important than winning!


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