Our Puppies


Welcome to our local Vamyra Husky kennel. Starting huskey breeding only two years ago we have achieved more than expected: 14 pure breed husky puppies from two she-dogs of 3 year old.  At the present moment we have 5 ready-to-get new-home beautiful husky puppies. Please, meet them:

Jerry – full of energy and love. He is never boring! (now 7 months)


Hunter! Smart, curious and brave (now 7 months)


Daiwa is always keeps calm and shares her meal with other puppies (7 months)


Thunderboy is slick and the most elusive puppy among his brothers (7 months)


Finally Nikki, our puppy girl from the last litter. She is very sweethart and positive baby husky (almost 1 month)


Father: Richie (Husky Heaven Indigo Blue)

Jerry, Hanter, Daiwa, Thunderboy and Nikki are pure breed husky puppies with a great pedigree. Their parents are leading two of the most well-known branches Husky Heaven and Trillium Blue`s.

Mother: Sessill (Trillium Blue`s Cream Dahlia)

Our motto is : Quality over Quantity!

That`s why we devote so much time to training, dog care and working with habits. These opportunities give us a chance to gain an invaluable experience. We proud of our puppies. They teach us everyday how to run the kennel club, how to be more kind and patient, how to live and to love.

Being the part of Husky Family is the most embarrassing and requiring the collective efforts and responsibility period of life!

Note: you can find a few very interesting articles about puppies here. Also there are some articles on puppy training too. And don’t forget to check AKC site.